Weekly report 1-16-13

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 1-16-2013
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• Interesting numbers go here
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Little plotter use
• New microfilm machine installed
• Trained one new student
• Weeding about to commence
Davis Family:
• Interviewing and hiring new students – shadow training starts next week
• Visit from past student workers
• Keeping a ref question journal for questions in the evening
• General equipment clean-up
• Replacement list searched, sent to Acq
• Started training Aurora, will continue next week
• Messing with WHD
• New penalty points poster
• Expanded Oversize CDs
• Shelf-read CDs
• Cleaned up graphic novels section
• Started 2-week online course re: Open Access
• Winter and Spring reserves

• The usual student shift swapping at the beginning of the semester – gentle reminder administered
• Very low on tripods
• Problems with VHS tapes needed for reserve
• Lack of carrels

2 Responses

  1. Re: “Keeping a ref question journal for questions in the evening” – Great! Would you be willing to share? Also, the easiest way for us to track needs is our stats form. Let’s talk offline about the possibility of having your questions logged there…Thanks!

  2. Hi Carrie!
    Of course I can share the questions I received. I have four questions, so there were not many. Would you like me to email them to you or post them on a blog?

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