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Repurpose your Remix Vids

Thought some of you might be interested in this contest: make a remix video, no more than 3 minutes, that answers the question “What is Remix Culture?” You should all have a head start on that! Deadline is June 2, and the judges include some familiar names. Let me know if anyone enters…

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windowsPhone… (windows is pronounced ‘i’)

I found the latest on a mobile phone manufacturer (HTC) that has created a new Windows Mobile Device called the HTC Touch Diamond… of course it copies all of the iPhone functions and tries to make it look more aesthetic, but no, it just won’t work. I do think that sales will be pretty good though, considering all of those die-hard PC fans out there.
It won’t be coming out in the US until later in the year (by then Apple will have created a whole new revolutionary product anyway).

HTC Touch Diamond


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