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Starbucks is Satan

Another thing I read in “The Globe” that made me want to throw-up my dining hall coffee.

Also, another reason why I hate flash.

Starbucks has decided to make a slow moving flash program that asks you questions about your taste preferences and then tells you what to order next time you go in. It is supposed to stimulate interaction with a real-live barista.

When a computer program tells me what beverage to drink is when I start to agree with those individuals that say the digital age is dehumanizing and can be detrimental to societal bonding.

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Identity Crisis

Over breakfast this morning I read an article in “The Globe” that brought up some interesting issues about the fracturing of personal identity due to our large amounts of online personas–from simple usernames to blog identities to even who we are (albeit “anonymously”) on Midd Confessional.

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Speaking of Fanatics…

I ran across this image today and thought I’d share it to show just how this fan base expands out to people of all cultures.

The Last Supper

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