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hey joe,
Can you tell me how to embed something that’s not from youtube? I have the code from a site but it’s just not working. do i need to hit the “code” tab in wordpress? the embedded code starts off “embded src = “blah blah blah” but i can’t get it to work. any thoughts would be great.

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From your friendly neighborhood Microsoft, creating a 3D object from many photos-

Remix culture &Videos Joseph Antonioli 06 May 2008 1 Comment

I know how this happened

Health Bar Spider

After playing way too much Oblivion, someone expected this thing to have a health bar. But it didn’t. Because it’s a real spider.

Also, motiborders are fail.

Taste of the Internet &video games Jessie Gurd 06 May 2008 No Comments

Spielberg’s Wii-Inspired Videogame

Like destroying other people’s Jenga? This may be just the game for you.

video games Robyn Whyte 06 May 2008 No Comments

GTA Controversy

Gta iv scapegoat for explaining US crime and anti-social behavior

video games Evan Akashi 06 May 2008 No Comments

another last supper

In response to Steve’s post, here is another Last Supper image, constructed as a part of the marketing for the current season of Battlestar Galactica. The fun thing is that it plays off the same kind of world of fandom that sparked the creation of the Star Wars Last Supper image, but it’s from the show’s creators and has its own symbology. Very cool. This site gives hints for interpreting the image… Only one true spoiler here, though I doubt that many of you are fans.

General Geekery Jessie Gurd 06 May 2008 No Comments

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