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Reading responses for 2/26

Scott McCloud’s book serves as an extended “meta-media object,” using the tools of the comic to explore the medium itself. What aspects of comics, both as a medium of analysis and medium of expression, did you find particularly interesting? How might McCloud’s ideas extend to other media, or how might someone be able to express such concepts in other media? And what do the pieces by Madden and Smith add to our understanding of comics in relation to other media?

Reading Responses Jason Mittell 23 Feb 2008 14 Comments

Use of Media

I thought I’d post this video both because it’s funny, and also because it adds to the discussion from last class about using different media to express an idea or belief. The idea is a music video parody of James Blunt’s, “You’re Beautiful,” and just like all other parody videos, it displays the belief of the creator that the original had the potential to be remixed for a certain reason. So, instead of using text and writing a paper, or using audio alone and remixing the song, this person remade the video and added his own personal twist to it.  Enjoy, and feel free to post other interesting parodies…

Videos Stephen McCombe 23 Feb 2008 No Comments

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