In short, our video is a mashup of the film Independence Day with music that seemed more appropriate for a zany (and apparently sci-fi) romantic comedy. We then edited shots, dialogue, and recorded narration to suit any trailer for a Rob Reiner-directed romantic comedy (only infinitely and purposefully worse than Rob Reiner – more like if Roland Emmerich decided to make a romantic comedy). The result is, we hope, hilarious.

Our goal was not, as in the case of the mashup for The Shining, to completely change the tone of the source material, but rather to highlight under the signifiers of romantic comedy the frivolity that Independence Day seems to exhibit as a sci-fi/action genre film. We believe our video accomplished these goals inasmuch that Independence, our mashup film, seems to distort the story of the original film into a romantic comedy (we’ll let you see who falls in love with whom). Moreover, it doesn’t seem to take itself seriously, much like the original source material. To see exactly what we mean, check out the original Independence Day trailer and the British television version of the trailer.

-Derek & Jessie