We are going to launch the new Middlebury website on Thursday February 4th!

We will have completed the core technology development that we need to launch the site, and the majority of major websites will be sufficiently converted to allow the new site to replace the old site. We intend to inform faculty, staff, and students on Monday February 1st that they should start looking at the new […]


Thank you to everyone who has been working hard in getting us to this point with the new web site.  If you would like some inspiration, I recommend opening the old and new web sites in two different browser windows.  As an example, compare: http://www.middlebury.edu/arts with http://midd2.middlebury.edu/arts/ or http://www.middlebury.edu/campuslife with http://midd2.middlebury.edu/studentlife/ or better yet, compare […]

(Almost) Hello World!

We’ve had our heads down the last month with the web makeover project, and are taking a moment to let the community know where things stand, and when we will finally launch the new Middlebury website. In the last month, we have trained over 200 staff and faculty in the new web content management system […]

Banner Images and Content Creation

Pam Fogg has created a selection of background images to be used on department homepages, these images are available at – \\middfiles\orgs\WebMakeover\EVERYONE\Banner_Images Please make your selection, then contact her with your choice of image via email ( pfogg@middlebury.edu ) so that your banner can be created. There have been some questions around content, Creating Content […]

Workshops and Work Sessions through December 22nd

Below are the workshops and work sessions that have been scheduled between Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  Please email the HelpDesk at HelpDesk@middlebury.edu to sign up for these offerings. November 30th    10:30-noon    WebFroms in Drupal    LIB 105 November 30th    10:30-noon    WorkSession    LIB 220 November 30th    3:30-5pm    Profiles, FAQs, Sidebar and RSS Content    LIB 220 December 1st    […]

Content Guide, Check-in Reminder, Usability

A PRESENT FROM WHITE WHALE During the WorkSessions, we have heard questions like “What should go in a sidebar?” and “Is this something that should go in the Carousel?” To help us answer these questions, White Whale has provided us with a content guide, and they have turned it into a VISUAL.  Attached is a […]

White Whale Presentation on Friday, Nov. 6th

Designs for Academic Departments and Faculty Profiles

Per Mike’s last post on the “glass wall” phase of feedback, we are offering links to design mock-ups for three academic departments and a faculty profile. A few notes on these: These designs are not supposed to mirror actual content or the specific links and menu items that a department might use. White Whale did […]

The Glass Window of Feedback

We’re entering a frantic phase of the web makeover process where each week we will be receiving sets of designs from our design partner, and quickly reviewing them, making suggestions, and ultimately approving them. Throughout this project, we have tried to be as inclusive and transparent as we possibly can, in the belief that by […]

Designing the next levels: Section Homepages

The following is White Whale’s live presentation during their visit, where they share the next round of designs for the Middlebury Web site. Below are two moc-ups for Section Homepages that were presented in the video: Section Page: Admissions Section Page: Arts Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing designs from White Whale […]

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