Visual Timeline

We’ve created a visual timeline to describe the rest of the project for those who like visual things:

Vendor questions and Middlebury answers: 02/21/09

CATEGORIZED QUESTIONS FROM POTENTIAL PARTNERS; ANSWERS IN ORANGE BOLD. PROCESS Will there be one main contact for managing the chosen vendor? What role does the contact (or contacts) have within the redesign effort? What kind of access will the vendor have to other stakeholders at Middlebury? For example, how will students be involved in the […]

RFP Released!

We’ve reached a major milestone for our project: the completion of our RFP. You can read it at .

Slides to Explain Our Process

I’ve posted the slides we’ve been using to explain our process for those who might find them useful when they are explaining the process to others. They are at .

Why now?

Given the financial turmoil within the College, the country, and the world, we’ve been asked by many people on campus: why are you doing this project now? Is this really the right time to be re-doing the website? Here are some reasons why we think it is still the right time to do this: We […]

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