We are going to launch the new Middlebury website on Thursday February 4th!

We will have completed the core technology development that we need to launch the site, and the majority of major websites will be sufficiently converted to allow the new site to replace the old site. We intend to inform faculty, staff, and students on Monday February 1st that they should start looking at the new site in order to prepare themselves for the switch later in the week.

We are asking all departments, programs, and offices to keep refining their sites in these last days leading up to the launch, and to continue to send us your questions so that we can help you finish up your site. Please check here for the schedule of WorkSessions in LIB 105.

As you wrap up your site, let Tim Etchells (tetchell@middlebury.edu) know and we will as time allows review your site and offer helpful suggestions and advice. In addition, we’ll be running a link and spell checking program on the entire site within the next few days, and we will let you know what issues that program identifies.

We also ask that you limit the changing of URLs in your site, as other sites are making links to your pages, and when you change the URL, the links to your pages break.

Thanks again for all your hard work in getting us to this point. We are almost done!


2 Responses to “We are going to launch the new Middlebury website on Thursday February 4th!”

  1. Hi Joe, et al…
    Are there any worksessions this week? I have a few issues I can’t seem to resolve:

    1. Adding a playable audio file to a node
    2. Weird MiddTags wrapping between content and right column (and yes, right column has more content lower)
    3. Can’t get site banner to appear (even when using that option under appearance).

    Thanks! -Allison

  2. Please revert back to the old website as soon as possible. The new web design does nothing to enhance Middlebury’s web presence. The UI and visual elements of the old website were MUCH stronger than this current text heavy design. This design hurts MIDD.

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