Data and Design

As we enter into the design phase of the project, it seems worthwhile to consider the lessons within a recent NY Times article about how the lead designer at Google left to join Twitter because of the constraints that the dataheads at Google placed on his creativity.

Proposed Information Architecture

Items which are bold are links to sites or applications outside of the highly branded, public facing site. As such, we will not require extensive design treatment for these elements, aside from a generic theme and style guide which we can apply to our custom applications. The sections labeled Interact below will be forward-facing portals […]

Conversion Questions

We are at a point in the project where it is time to start thinking about the conversion process. To get that conversation started, here are a bunch of questions that we’ll need to answer (and no doubt there are many more.) How many pages are there on our present website? Will they all be […]

Branding Mapping

I’m in the process of a brand mapping exercise. Your input would be helpful. There are many sub-brands that are producing a little fragmentation of Middlebury College’s core offering. How do sub-brands leverage and support “Knowledge without Boundaries.” The goal of brand mapping is to help identify missed opportunities in our communication with our Audience. […]

Some thoughts on editing

This idea emerged out of a conversation that Renée Brown and I had last week, and I thought it worth sharing with the group. Renée & I agreed that one of the problems with our current web system is that the editing functions for CMS are ineffectively distributed around institutional staffing. Focusing only on academic […]

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