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Our new Middlebury website and homepage will highlight the events, people, and stories that make the Middlebury Language Schools a unique and vibrant place for the summer. Here’s your chance to share a story or the stories of your students, classmates, colleagues, and community! Go ahead, submit in your language of choice! Please include:

  • your name — your legal name but also your in-language name if you have one
  • email address — non-Midd addresses work just fine
  • a link to another website (YouTube videos, audio clips, blog posts, photo slideshows, etc.)
  • a 2-3 sentence description of your story
  • some keywords to help people find your story online. be sure to also include your language as a keyword.

Middlebury StoriesHere are some limited (real and hypothetical) examples of Language School Stories. What summer stories and memories do you have?

Bonjour ! C’est le 1 juillet 2009. Je suis à lécole française à Middlebury pour apprendre le français. Je suis (suivre) quatre cours : un pour la grammaire, un pour lexpression orale et aussi un pour la littérature pour le monde francophone et puis un cours pour le théâtre. C’est mon blog: Tags: video, blog, french, dining halls, academics, day-to-day,

Toward the end of the summer, all of Arabic School did skits! This was my favorite activity of the summer. This skit for class was recorded and is based on the TV news program by Al Jazeera. Our skit: Tags: youtube, class project, skit, video, news, arabic.

Kenyon College and Middlebury Summer Chinese School Director Professor Jianhua Bai published his textbook Chinese Grammar Made Easy: A Practical and Effective Guide for Teachers in August 2008. We used his textbook as a guide to preparing our summer school curriculum specifically for second and third year students. Check out his book on Barnes and Noble: Tags: chinese, teaching, textbook, curriculum

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