Banner Images and Content Creation

Pam Fogg has created a selection of background images to be used on department homepages, these images are available at – \\middfiles\orgs\WebMakeover\EVERYONE\Banner_Images

Please make your selection, then contact her with your choice of image via email ( ) so that your banner can be created.

There have been some questions around content, Creating Content for Your Web Page is the portion of the workbook that addresses content creation.  Also, please remember to use the Content Guide when making choices about where to place content on your page.

Work continues on the buildout of the new site, and we hope to see many of you at the worksessions over the next few weeks.

Below is a list of examples of work that people have already put into their sites:



Image Galleries (click on
the small image in the right sidebar)

2 Responses to “Banner Images and Content Creation”

  1. I cannot access the images.

  2. The images are in a MIDDfiles folder, the same place where you find the documents from the Resource Gallery.

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