Style Guide

We have started a style guide for editing in Drupal.¬† Here is what we have, so far, but please visit the documentation for updates. Layout The “juice bar” feature is a convenient place for sharing stories about your department or office, but remember that it takes up quite a bit of space at the top […]

Content Guide, Check-in Reminder, Usability

A PRESENT FROM WHITE WHALE During the WorkSessions, we have heard questions like “What should go in a sidebar?” and “Is this something that should go in the Carousel?” To help us answer these questions, White Whale has provided us with a content guide, and they have turned it into a VISUAL. ¬†Attached is a […]

On-line directory desiderata

The College is going to stop printing the directory, beginning this Fall. We are doing so for obvious reasons: to save money, to save considerable staff time (a form of money), and to lower our carbon footprint. In conversations leading up to this decision, many people had many very fond things to say about the […]

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