Meet Our Team

Coordinating Committee
This group will work broadly with Middlebury students, faculty, and staff to define the functional requirements and scope for the project and the resources needed to transform our web presence. It will communicate regularly with President’s staff on its progress, and ensure that the work being done maps onto the College’s strategic vision for the web as defined last year by the work done by the internet strategy taskforce, and as will be refined by this group.

  1. Mike Roy, LIS (co-chair)
  2. Dave Donahue, President’s Office (co-chair)
  3. Tim Spears, Acting Provost
  4. Mike McKenna, Communications
  5. Jason Mittell, faculty
  6. Ryan Kellett ‘09.5, student
  7. Amy McGill, MIIS
  8. Tim Etchells, Communications
  9. Joe Antonioli, LIS
  10. Jamie Northrup, Language Schools
  11. Jeff Rehbach, LIS
  12. Mary Backus, LIS

Requirements Group
In order to flesh out the requirements sketched out in the Internet Strategy Taskforce, we will engage the Middlebury Community in a series of activities to help us better understand how the College would like to use the web in the future. We intend that this will be community-generated, with help from our group as needed in terms of translation, with opportunity for input and comments from all stakeholders.  This information will be used to identify common themes across the various areas, as well as to understand the particular needs of certain areas.

  1. Mike Roy, LIS (coordinator)
  2. Maggie Paine, Communications
  3. Molly Costanza-Robinson, faculty
  4. Jason Mittell, faculty
  5. Ryan Kellett ‘09.5, student
  6. Pooja Shahani ’09, student
  7. Jai Shankar, Office of the CFO
  8. Susan Simmons, Office of the CFO
  9. Jeff Rehbach, LIS
  10. Lisa Ayers, Events Scheduling & Information
  11. Amy McGill, MIIS
  12. Lynn McDonald, MIIS
  13. Joe Antonioli, LIS
  14. Chris Norris, LIS
  15. Shel Sax, CTLR/Bread Loaf/Language Schools
  16. Renée Brown, Academic Affairs
  17. Jamie Northrup, Language Schools
  18. Tamara Hilmes ’10

Information Architecture/Design Group
We will form a team to identify an information architecture/design firm to help with conversion to new platform(s). Once selected, this firm will work with us to refine the requirements document, to develop a set of overall designs, and establish an information architecture for our overall site. We will also work with them to develop a more detailed timeline and strategy for website conversion, and as is likely needed, a phased approach to this conversion.

  1. Tim Etchells, Communications (chair)
  2. Mike Roy, LIS
  3. Amy McGill, MIIS
  4. Bryan Carson, LIS
  5. Mark Zelis, Communications
  6. Alex Chapin, LIS
  7. Ian McBride, LIS
  8. Jeff Rehbach, LIS
  9. Jamie Northrup, Language Schools
  10. Liza Sacheli Lloyd, Center for the Arts
  11. Rhoads Cannon ’11
  12. Andrew Ngeow ’10
  13. Pam Fogg, Communications
  14. Kristen Byers, MIIS

Platform Group
We will form a team to survey various technologies to replace our existing content management system, and evaluate the technology based on anticipated requirements. This group will also create an inventory of the various platforms used for web publishing on campus, with an eye towards consolidation/rationalization. The goal is to complete this work by the end of December.

  1. Joe Antonioli, LIS (chair)
  2. Chris Norris, LIS
  3. Ian McBride, LIS
  4. Tom Cutter, LIS
  5. Adam Franco, LIS
  6. Bryan Carson, LIS
  7. Mike Schuster, LIS
  8. Travis Stafford, LIS
  9. Jeff Rehbach, LIS
  10. Alex Chapin, LIS
  11. Mark Zelis, Communications

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One Response to “Meet Our Team”

  1. The Campus news article stated that the committee would be listening to the college community of students and others. Granted, the students use the website often and are probably one of the larger constituencies of web users out there. However, the alumni pool is larger and has much broader levels of experience using web based tools. From casual users and neophytes to more experienced, do it all the time users. Consequently, I believe that the committee would be missing an important segment of users if they did not understand how difficult it can be to find certain functions on any website. If one assumes that we are all dummies, then the site becomes intuitive and sucessful. Otherwise the site becomes usable only for those that are tuned in and think jargon.

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