Banner Images and Content Creation

Pam Fogg has created a selection of background images to be used on department homepages, these images are available at – \\middfiles\orgs\WebMakeover\EVERYONE\Banner_Images Please make your selection, then contact her with your choice of image via email ( ) so that your banner can be created. There have been some questions around content, Creating Content […]

Content Guide, Check-in Reminder, Usability

A PRESENT FROM WHITE WHALE During the WorkSessions, we have heard questions like “What should go in a sidebar?” and “Is this something that should go in the Carousel?” To help us answer these questions, White Whale has provided us with a content guide, and they have turned it into a VISUAL. ¬†Attached is a […]

Designs for Academic Departments and Faculty Profiles

Per Mike’s last post on the “glass wall” phase of feedback, we are offering links to design mock-ups for three academic departments and a faculty profile. A few notes on these: These designs are not supposed to mirror actual content or the specific links and menu items that a department might use. White Whale did […]

Unveiled homepage mockups for

White Whale has shared with us mockup pages of the first round home page design, a small number of examples are displayed here.¬† Within this explanation, there are many links that demonstrate how this design can be used, and we invite you to explore them all and offer feedback.¬† Please feel free to share your […]

Examples of other sites

We’ve tried to assemble a range of examples from college websites that exemplify some options that Middlebury might emulate. Please provide additional examples in the comments if you see any that speak to you, or have comments on these sites that we used to present to staff on Dec. 16: – Oberlin has recently redesigned […]

MIT’s Mobile Web Efforts

The Chronicle covered MIT’s efforts to provide web services to smart phones. This seems a worthy and perhaps even necessary goal.

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