Provide Input and Ideas

Mechanisms to gather input/feedback

Our activities will include:

  • On-line surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Open information gathering sessions
  • Commissioning ‘white papers’ from key offices/constituents on their vision for how they might use the web in their work

These various activities would focus on understanding from all corners of the College:

  1. what they like and don’t like about their present use of the web
  2. what they feel our web presence is missing
  3. examples both from other schools and from other sectors that exemplify features, functions, and an overall approach that they like
  4. scenarios for how various users of these sites might move around within the site, and how they would interact with the content and with each other.

We welcome you to:

Sign up for a focus group

Send us your ideas about  enhancing our website

Send us any other comments you have

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3 Responses to “Provide Input and Ideas”

  1. Here is one little idea, to solve a small problem, from the faculty perspective. The current system for submitting mid-semester warming notices for students does not work for large enrollment, high difficulty courses. The act of submitting 10-20 emails, to students and their deans ( involving looking up each students’ dean) is a real pain in the neck and as a result, is never done in large courses. How about making this web based? Each course has a full class list, and a box entitled “submit warning notice” with a brief box for comments.

  2. I really like Jeff Byers’ idea about making it EASY to submit warning notices to students who may be getting near trouble (and copy their deans). The present system is so arcane that it’s a real barrier. What I do instead is to send individual emails to students and copy their deans, but as Jeff says, this involves looking up both the student’s email address and who the appropriate Dean may be. As a consequence I do it only for the most severe cases.

    One further comment: do NOT make this part of Banner. Anything done via Banner requires so many levels of menus and clicks that it’s usually easier to do it all by hand.

  3. During the presentation on Tuesday 12/16, I had another idea I wanted to share with you—it has to do with tagging. We have a program we call “Curricular Connections” where we suggest links between the course curriculum each semester and the public arts offerings that are planned. Each semester the online Curricular Connections brochure is organized thematically, with chapters devoted to any theme that emerges during that timeframe.

    I see a possible connection between this thematically-organized content and the tagging feature; I’m not 100% sure what the technology could do for us, but I’m sure we could brainstorm some ideas.

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