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Our new website will highlight the events, people, and stories that make Middlebury a unique and vibrant place. Here is your chance to share your story, or the stories of your students, colleagues, and community! Please include your name, email address, a link to another website that contains more information if relevant, a 2-3 sentence description of a Middlebury story, and some keywords to help people find your story online. Submit as many as you can think of! See below for some examples of what we’re looking for.

You can submit a story by clicking on one of the bars on our homepage that has a dotted outline.

Here are some examples of Middlebury Stories gathered from the Film & Media Culture department. What stories might be found in your corner of the campus?

Frank Sesno (alum, parent, trustee emeritus) worked with the Film and Media Culture department and the program in Environmental Studies to encourage videos for his new website and TV special, Planet Forward. Two student projects appeared on the April 15 PBS broadcast: Leslie Stonebraker’s (‘09.5, FMMC) documentary on Middlebury’s biomass plant, and a collaborative animation about global warming’s impact on Bangladesh from Farhan Ahmed (’09, INTL), Luisa Covaria (’09, FMMC), Ioana Literat (’09, FMMC), and Louis Lobel (‘08.5, SOAN). Check out Middlebury’s videos at http://planetforward.org Tags: alumni, television, ENVS, FMMC, INTL, SOAN, environmental affairs

Students in Prof. Hope Tucker’s Spring 2009 course, FMMC 0243 Internet Art, created web based projects that invite collaboration and encourage change in the Middlebury community.  Jackie Faillace (‘09.5, FMMC) developed greenthegrille.com to measure the carbon footprint of top menu items. Jackie hopes to encourage Grille patrons to order menu items with local ingredients, and the College to increase their support of the local economy by establishing more relationships with VT growers and manufacturers. Tags: website, dining, local food, ENVS, FMMC, class projects

Jason Mittell (FMMC/AMST) published Television & American Culture (Oxford University Press) in spring 2009, a new textbook built upon the curriculum he developed for the popular course FMMC 0104 Television and American Culture. See the book’s website at http://tvamericanculture.net Tags: faculty, AMST, FMMC, publishing, book

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