Meet Our Team


  • Amy McGill
  • Kristen Byers
  • Lynn McDonald

Web Strategists

  • Linae Ishii-Devine (Advancement)
  • Jason Warburg (Communications)
  • Anne Marie Steiger (Communications)
  • Jen Hambleton (Careers/Advising)
  • Nina Dutra (GSIPM)
  • Angie¬†Quesenberry¬†(GSTILE)
  • Regina Garner (Financial Aid)
  • Rob Horgan (Admissions)
  • Gail Lu (Student Services)
  • Leah Gowron (Alumni)
  • Ann Flower (Library)
  • Patricia Szasz (ESL)
  • Alicia Brent (CLS/SILP)
  • Bob Cole (TLC)

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