Timetable Overview


October-November Form working groups, hold kick-off meeting, announce plan to community
November-December Identify stakeholders; analysis and information gathering by working groups
December Convene full team to discuss preliminary findings
January Create requirements document from stakeholder reports, focus groups, survey results, and open sessions; outline budget.
February Send out Request for Proposal (RFP); Choose platform and vendors; detail implementation timeline and project phases
March-May Implement platform
June-July Begin training, prepare “seed” content, 1st round design unveiling
January 2010
Conversion and Training with soft (beta) launch post finals, hard launch 2/4/10

Updated: May 10th, 2009

3 Responses to “Timeline”

  1. When the time comes to measure different aspects of activity on our new web pages, this new, open-access book may be useful: Introduction to Webometrics — Quantitative Web Research for the Social Sciences


  2. When is the new site going to be launced? I’m guessing the hard launch on January 4th was wishful thinking…but is it going to be anytime in the near future?

  3. We are looking at a February 4 launch.


  1. LIS Advisory Groups » Blog Archive » Social Science Advisory Group - Notes from 2nd Mtg.

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