Dear College Community,

The current tools that the College uses to construct, modify and maintain our College Web site have become obsolete and will soon not be supported by the vendor. This provides us with an opportunity to explore new technological possibilities and an opportunity to engage the Middlebury College community in a conversation about current use of and satisfaction with the Web site.

  • What might we all envision for a new and improved Web site?
  • Does our current Web site accurately present the College to our array of constituents, both inside and outside the institution?
  • How might a new Web site even more effectively capture the dynamic, global nature of a Middlebury education and the Middlebury community?

Decisions about how to present Middlebury’s public face to the world and how to use the Web as a tool for information access and delivery on campus cannot proceed without your participation and input. We need to know what currently works and what doesn’t for our diverse community of faculty, staff, students, donors, prospective students, and others — and about the anticipated futures needs and wants of the community.

We invite you to articulate your Web site needs, concerns, opinions and ideas by participating in a number of venues that we will be arranging in the upcoming weeks and months.

These include:

1.    Public discussions
2.    Focus groups
3.    Surveys
4.    Electronic communication opportunities

We will notify you of these opportunities to participate as the schedule is established. We also invite you to forward your concerns and suggestions directly to our committee members.

Thank you in advance for your interest and participation in this rather ambitious endeavor. Your input, insights and suggestions are vital.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Please make Midd’s website pretty!

  2. Visiting the campus is what sold me on coming here. I think there should be more pictures of the campus on the website.

  3. When you type in Middlebury College into Google, this is what it says:

    Panthers outdoor official site. Coaching staff, roster, schedule, school records , and past season information. (This is pretty poor)

    Could we fix this so prospective students know that it is a school?

    It should say:
    Middlebury College in Vermont, is one of the top LAC’s in the United States and is renowned for its programs in Environmental studies and international relations.

  4. Re: Jon Broz

    Middlebury’s tagline information below the Google result has been fixed.

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