Slides to Explain Our Process

I’ve posted the slides we’ve been using to explain our process for those who might find them useful when they are explaining the process to others. They are at .

One Response to “Slides to Explain Our Process”

  1. I like what I’m hearing so far from the makeover blog and clearly a well-informed, carefully-thought-out choice will be made on what approach best suits the website’s needs. But I just want to pitch in with my 2 cents commenting that I think solutions based on open-source software are the most practical long-run.

    Because open-source software is so often designed to be extensible and customizeable, the user is less locked-in and has more long-term control over content management. Also, the structure of an open-source project more stably reflects the project’s popularity: because of its community-driven nature, an open-source product will not “go bankrupt” or die off or end support if it is popular and well-liked.

    Particularly in light of the current economic instability, the distinction between company-specific / closed-source and community-driven / open source solutions is a relevant and important distinction to take into account.

    Thanks for reading!
    – Topher Hunt

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