Survey Results

Here are some selections from our survey that we sent out in December:

Current website use:

  • Ease of Use: Students seem to find the current site easier to use than faculty and staff with 69% saying the website is good to excellent. The average across user type is 43% of users ease of use is poor to fair.
  • Navigation: Students again more positive than other constituencies but overall less than half of users say navigation is good to excellent.
  • Appearance: 71% say apperance is good or excellent; less than 10% say it is poor. Students again slightly more positive than others.
  • Accuracy: 36% percent of all users think information on our current website is inaccurate and/or out of date.
  • Interactivity: 15% don’t know if the current site is interactive or not; 53 % say it is poor to fair, and only 32% say it is good or excellent
  • Reflects Depth and Richness of Community: 45% say it is poor to fair; 48% say it is good to excellent; 7% say they don’t know
  • The vast majority of users (82%) use the website on a daily or hourly basis. But a surprising number of students (24%) responded that they use the website only weekly.
  • The usage of GO among students at 55%+, compared to ~30% for faculty and staff.
  • Faculty and staff used bookmarks about twice as much as students did (~40% vs. ~20%).
  • Overall, people were most dissatisfied with search and navigation of the current site.

More results to come! Stay tuned!

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