Homepage Usability

Jakob Nielsen, a key figure in web usability has 113 guidelines for homepage usability. I was asked to use the guidelines to assess our new homepage design. The following is a list of what I considered to be the most important guidelines along with whether or not the new design follows them, and some occasional […]

2008 Web Statistics – Top Content

The following data represents a high level summary of 2008’s “top ten” content areas visited on our http://www.middlebury.edu website. ———- Internal (on-campus) / (homepage) /academics/ /administration/ /athletics/ /campuslife/ /about/ /services/ /students/ /admissions/ /arts/ ———- External (off-campus) /academics/ / (homepage) /athletics/ /admissions/ /administration/ /about/ /campuslife/ /alumni/ /services/ /jobseekers/ ———- Combined (Internal & External Page Views) / […]

2008 Web Statistics – Search

The following data represents the summary of 2008’s “top ten” search terms/keywords entered into our Google Search Appliance or GSA, (the search engine for our www.middlebury.edu website). To improve the overall quality of search results, all of these “top ten” search terms/keywords have been entered as keymatches in the GSA, which basically bumps them to […]

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