Design/IA committee update & timeline

The Design/IA group of the Web Makeover Team has been meeting since October 24. Meetings are on Friday afternoons in the Library, Room 145, from 2 to 3:30. 

Group members: Bryan Carson, Alex Chapin, Tim Etchells (chair), Ian McBride, Amy McGill, Jamie Northrup, Jeff Rehbach, Mike Roy, Mark Zelis.

Our discussions so far have covered these topics, among (many) others:

– Taking a preliminary look at Middlebury’s and Monterey’s current information architecture, and discussing what we need going forward. The consensus of our group is that Midd and MIIS should shoot for doing most of the IA work in-house. We envision seeking some help with this part of the project from the partner or partners with whom we work on the redesign of the site.

– Comparing notes on what we feel are well designed, well structured and attractive Web sites (some in higher ed, some not) that successfully deliver a wide variety of content. URLs and group member reports are available at the Webredo wiki.

– Developing several diagrams that illustrate the group’s thoughts on the information architecture of the site, as well as preliminary wireframes of the home page for the public facing Web site. Graphics available on the wiki.

– Sharing thoughts with members of the Requirements Group and the Platform Group on progress to date and expectations for the future.


Design/IA Timeline, through 02/13/09:

November 14: Research under way on vendors for design/IA; ongoing: Continue work/discussion on IA development

November 21: Determine how much help will be needed from vendor on IA

December 1: Wrap up vendor research; prepare RFP’s

December 12: Send RFP’s to design/IA vendors¬†

January 16: Receive vendor proposals, and see demos at Middlebury

February 3: Receive bids from vendors

February 13: Select vendor for design and/or IA

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