Human Resources

Stakeholder: Drew Macan and/or Laura Carotenuto

WebRedo Contact: Chris Norris
1.    Make HR more prominent on the College’s home page.  Employees report having difficulty finding the HR site and request that it be placed on the home page.

2.    Set up a College-wide standard RSS profile for each type of user, including several different HR channels – one for employees, one for supervisors, and one for SEO – that would push HR-related info out to users.

3.    Users have told us it is a priority for them to be able to find things quickly on our web site.
a.    Content needs to be better organized by HR.
i.     Organize by function (employee, supervisor, retiree, etc.) Put the things that are most important to the employee at the top of the page.
ii.    Chunk information into smaller packages
iii.    Use headings and summaries more
iv.    Use FAQ’s
b.    Can we have a more targeted search function that returns results only from HR pages?
c.    Need solutions for posting large documents that we don’t own and can’t alter – like SPDs.  Indexing, book marking, some can be converted into a web document that would be searchable
d.    Make the Employee Handbook easier to find somehow.

4.    Users have told us that it is hard to find information they need at the College (HR-related or College wide)  The HR pages should help guide people to the right resources (electronic, paper, or person) for their question throughout the College.
a.    See #3
b.    Pictures of HR staff on web
c.    Content additions and clarifications
i.    the role of the ombuds person, staff appeals, etc.
ii.    “I have a question about…” link with most common questions listed?
5.    Ability to make changes frequently and easily to keep information relevant.

6.    Maintain links to other databases and applications (e.g. job descriptions, OpenHire, Student Employment)

7.    Make the pages more visually attractive to support the ability to find important things quickly.
a.    Able to support media (videos + pictures + audio)
b.    Bigger font sizes
c.    Icons and symbols
d.    Less “busy”

8.    Be able to support online training as a supplement to other types of training.
a.    Include an area for new employee orientation.
b.    Support the supervisor’s role in new employee orientation
c.    Support online trainings available from other organizations

9.    Support interactive forms. Find a solution for saving personal information so that multiple forms can be created from the same “file”.
(Chris – Discussed this a bit, seems like “fillable” PDFs would be a step in the right direction, though there are some privacy/PII concerns)

10.    Users have told us that a key component of their satisfaction with our service is getting a timely, personalized response from us.  How can the web site support this key indicator?
a.    Sprinkle links and email addresses throughout site content to make direct contact with HR staff one click away.

11.    Support online enrollment for HR programs – trainings, events, or presentations.

12.    Password protected area for information for supervisors.

13.    HR staff area
a.    Brainstorming and problems solving (spigit, wikis, etc)

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