Parton Health Center

Stakeholder: Mark Peluso

Web Redo Contact: Chris Norris

Top Health Center Website Needs
1.    Better visibility
a.    Direct presence on MC homepage
b.    Most requested info up front
c.    Hours
d.    Location
e.    Emergency info
f.    How to make an appt
g.    Health form info
h.    Easier to find “Contact Us” info

2.    Content-related
a.    Need more “self-service” content (ie. taking care of yourself)
b.    Types of visits
i.    What to expect
ii.    What to bring/prepare
c.    FAQ section (ie. top ten visit reasons)
d.    Staff profiles
e.    More downloadable forms (not online data collection!)

3.    Ease of Use
a.    Larger font
b.    Flexibility of font colors
c.    More white space
d.    “FUN” (go ask alice –
e.    “The Panther Speaks” (health tips)
f.    More visuals, fewer words (video tutorials of self-exams)

4.    Authoring
a.    Easy maintenance, needs to be easy

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