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stub for RFP

February 13, 2009 Middlebury College Request for Proposals to Redesign and Restructure its Web Presence Contents 1. About Middlebury 2. About Middlebury’s Current Web Site 3. Our Audiences 4. About the Project 5. Project Scope 6. Deliverables 7. Proposal Requirements 8. Proposal Timetable 9. Contact Info 10. Appendix: Requirements; Links NOTE: A conference call/Web presentation […]


Liaison: Maggie Paine Stakeholders interviewed: Discussions with communications at staff meetings and with Tim Etchells; written feedback solicited; two focus groups with communicators (Mike McKenna, Stephen Diehl, Diane Foley, Katie Scott (E.S.), Mark Zelis, Regan Eberhardt, Robert Keren, Pam Fogg, Matt Jennings, Liza Sacheli Lloyd (CFA), Kelsey Eichhorn). Overview The communications department focused on development […]

Student Employment Office (SEO)

Stakeholder: Drew Macan and/or Laura Carotenuto Web Redo Contact: Chris Norris 1.    Improve Job Description Listings a.    Segment differently (ie. by dept?) so that supervisors can find easily. b.    Roll up to headers? c.    Have job number connected to position. 2.    Improve open position functionality a.    Create list of applicants so supervisors could see all […]

Human Resources

Stakeholder: Drew Macan and/or Laura Carotenuto WebRedo Contact: Chris Norris 1.    Make HR more prominent on the College's home page.  Employees report having difficulty finding the HR site and request that it be placed on the home page. 2.    Set up a College-wide standard RSS profile for each type of user, including several different HR […]

Parton Health Center

Stakeholder: Mark Peluso Web Redo Contact: Chris Norris Top Health Center Website Needs 1.    Better visibility a.    Direct presence on MC homepage b.    Most requested info up front c.    Hours d.    Location e.    Emergency info f.    How to make an appt g.    Health form info h.    Easier to find "Contact Us" info 2.    Content-related a.   […]