Stakeholder: Cindy Wemette Web Makeover Contact:  Jai Shankar Ability to customize web page, fonts, pictures, colors Secure access links - place to put information for audit committee or external auditors. Drop and Drag capabilities Pull drop menus Secure log in to own web page Pop up of most recent visited sites On line service - […]

Budget & Financial Planning

Stakeholder: Kristen Anderson Web Makeover Contact:  Jai Shankar We would like the ability to change the channels without having to go through LIS.  It would be more efficient if we had the ability to change our own information. Would like to change fonts (particularly size) Basically we would like more flexibility with the templates that are […]

Investments and Treasury

Stakeholder: Derek Hammel Web Makeover Contact:  Jai Shankar Ability to publish/post documents to the site Search box/A-Z menu Ability to post PowerPoint presentations or "Endowment 101" education materials Streaming data across top or bottom of page, example: financial news or ticker symbols Ability to access policies currently in place Link from this site to articles/sites […]

Business Services

Stakeholder: Tom Corbin Web Makeover Contact:  Jai Shankar E-commerce group: Web site is critical to generate revenue Web site to be used for "advertising" and "marketing" (since policy prohibits advertising in paper form on campus) -- must be a priority to "self-promote" to drive business -- also: can we include links to corporate sites in […]

Alliance for Civic Engagement (ACE)

Stakeholder: Peggy Burns Website: Redo Contact: Ryan Kellett ACE is the most important resource on campus faculty interested in community-connected teaching, learning, and research-and for students who are interested in volunteering, social justice issues, activism and advocacy, citizenship, and international service opportunities.  ACE should be a portal for all things service-whether curricular, co-curricular, or […]