Office of Institutional Planning and Diversity (OIPD)

Stakeholder: Jennifer Herrera Website: WebRedo Contact: Ryan Kellett / Pooja Shahani General: OIPD has a variety of separate constituencies embedded within this larger area. International Student & Scholar Services has their own Stakeholder report. ADA ( and Institutional Research ( are included in this report. Requirements: Maintain support for the recently completed IPD flash […]

Events and Scheduling Office

Stakeholder: Lisa Ayers Current: WebRedo Contact: Ryan Kellett General: Events Scheduling and Information Office has the goal of integrating the scheduling and sharing events information with the Middlebury College campus. It serves as the Functional Administrator of Resource 25 (fully hosted by Midd) for facilities and events scheduling management, maintains the "Events at Middlebury" website ( ), and […]

Rohatyn Center for Int’l Affairs (RCFIA)

Stakeholder: Allison Stanger and Charlotte Tate Current: WebRedo Contact: Ryan Kellett General: The RCFIA is a key part of the college's international outlook and co-curricular activities for undergraduate students. It hosts numerous lecture events throughout the year, many of which are filmed and archived online. It also is an intellectual center for faculty to […]