Stakeholder: Lisa Boudah

WebRedo Contact: Chris Norris

The Public Safety website needs to serve as a resource for publishing information related to DPS Department Policies & Procedures for the campus community and beyond, including information required by regulatory guidelines, as well as providing timely updates related to incidents/events/alerts on campus.

The website needs to collect data in support of the Public Safety policies and procedures/events for Middlebury College. (Note: Not limited to members of the college community but may also include external agencies or individuals.)

  1. Regulatory Requirements (RR)- Provide a centralized location for Emergency response information
  2. RR- Safety Handbook (Clery & public logs, Departmental description/summary)
  3. RR - Building security & Emergency systems information
  4. RR- Policies & Procedure information and links.
  5. $$ savings - various data collection to support & improve internal efficiencies
  6. Switchboard - Streamline/Clarify information pathways (global)
  7. More comprehensive overview of public safety including staff, Contact information
  8. News/Alerts (Missing Persons/News Releases)
  9. Provide easier access to parking information.
  10. Searchable information - (scoped to DPS site)

Posted by Ryan Kellett on January 30, 2009
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