Met with department representatives and emailed others to provide overview of the web redesign and ask for input.

The Facilities Services website was completely overhauled 2 ½ years ago when the departments of Facilities Planning and Facilities Management were merged into one. At that time, many of the questions asked re: requirements and desires for the website were asked and answered by the redesign. I did ask again if anyone had any specific requests and received the following requests:

1) Directions to campus posted (or a link to them) on the "campus maps" page (accessed directly from the home page). Would make it SO much easier to guide visitors to campus.

2) Photos of the interiors of schedulable Academic Facilities are badly in need up updating. Some do not even have photos. And the site could be easier to find. It would be handy to have that linked directly to the Master Location Schedule

Again, when the FS Department website was overhauled in 2006, we looked at peer institutions to see what they were doing for their Facilities websites.

The features used most regularly by most department members are the Banner Web link to time entry, the Web Mail link, Campus Directory, and FAMIS.

We don’t have any specific information on website use and patterns, in terms of a survey, however people did indicate problems with navigation of the site (“wish it was easier” and “it seems counterintuitive”).

We have encouraged department members to fill out surveys.

Given our web overhaul in 2006, I do not think there is a need for department members to participate in a departmental focus group. The group of staff participating in this discussion included: Jennifer Bleich, Cathy Bilodeau, Julie Hoyenski and Heidi Scheurger.

One thing that we will be updating in the coming months is the work order request format on our website. That effort is underway and is being led by Heidi Scheurger.

Posted by Ryan Kellett on January 13, 2009
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