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Student Government Association (SGA)

Stakeholder Contact: Bobby Joe Smith ’09
Website: http://middsga.wordpress.com/ and http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/governance/Student_Government_Association_(SGA).htm
WebRedo Contact: Ryan Kellett and Pooja Shahani


  • SGA Communication: there is a need to communicate with the student body on a regular basis. Currently, the SGA communicates via email with weekly all-student updates.
  • Advertisements/Alerts: student organizations have a need to advertise events beyond just putting the event on a web calendar. The SGA requests ways to push multimedia advertisements to students in a variety of ways both online and possibly offline.
  • Student Initiative: the new website should allow room for students to add their own content and welcome new student-created features.
  • Student Organizations: these organizations have both internal communication among members but also want to recruit new members/students to the club. Student orgs need the tools to easily build their own website and share information/documents.
  • Constitution Committee: need to display 120+ text-based constitutions. Constitutions need to be easily updated with new information and officer lists. (preferably CMS based — so outsiders can find info).
  • Feedback: SGA often needs to collect feedback from students. Forms or surveys work. Easy access to that information is important.
  • Rideboard, craigslist-selling space, textbook exchange