Liaisons: Joe Antonioli and Maggie Paine

Stakeholders interviewed: Susie Patterson Nichols '78, president MCAA, and Zach Bourque '01, vice president

Susie and Zach had one main concern and they reiterated a requirement stated by the Alumni and Parent Programs Office. They want to ensure that we can collect data on alumni, particularly their e-mail and home or work mailing address. And, like the folks in the APP office, they want the different alumni sites-Harris Connect, Middlebury Online, the APP site, College Advancement site, CSO career advising, Initiative site, and microphilanthropy site-to be seamlessly integrated and easy to find.

MCAA communication efforts are hampered by a lack of e-mail addresses and home addresses. They want any registration form to include these required fields and are open to any other methods of collecting this data that we might suggest.

They would like to see a more obvious link to the alumni site from the home page.

They were very interested in the personalized home page idea and wondered if we could feed information to alumni based on their records in Banner. For example, if an alumnus had played varsity lacrosse, we would send him updates on the team-game scores, notices of webcasts, stories about players, etc.

They also liked the idea of logging onto one site, such as Facebook or Midd personalized home page, and being linked to all the sites the person subscribes to: Panthernet, LinkedIn, My Space, Middlebury personalized home page.

Posted by Ryan Kellett on January 30, 2009
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