Stakeholder: Jai Shankar

Web Makeover Contact:  Jai Shankar

  • Create a policy library that can be categorized and searched easily
  • Password protected log in sections where certain data can be shared
  • Streaming data or news specific for the CFO’s area
  • Podcast
  • Audio/video functionality
  • Training functionality for finance related areas (e.g. budget process, how to fill out a check request etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Ability to set up a test (e.g. in lieu of attending a mandatory training session required to get a Purchasing Card, the person takes on online test to get he Purchasing Card)
  • Single sign on
  • Ability to pick and choose documents on the site and it automatically e-mailed to the web user.
  • A CFO default site that is customized and pushed at the department level.

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