The course is roughly divided into two parts. The first half consists of a series of weekly videographic exercises, designed to teach you the technical video skills needed to make video essays and explore conceptual approaches to communicating critical ideas using sounds and moving images. The second half will focus more on your own individual projects, resulting in two original video essays on topics of your choosing.

The assignments for this course include regular online video commentaries, the specific videographic exercises, a videographic response essay, and a final videographic essay project. Each will be detailed in the pull-down menus and linked below – specific parameters and specifications for each assignment will be posted as the semester progresses. Here is the schedule for the assignments:

Video Commentary Posts – due each Wednesday morning

Videographic Exercise #1 – due Monday, 3/8 by class meeting

Videographic Exercise #2 – due Monday, 3/15 by class meeting

Videographic Exercise #3 – due Monday, 3/22 by class meeting

Videographic Exercise #4 – due Monday, 3/29 by class meeting

Videographic Exercise #5 – due Monday, 4/5 by class meeting

Videographic Exercise #6 – due Wednesday, 4/14 by class meeting

Videographic Abstract Trailer for final project – due Monday 4/19 by class meeting

Videographic Response Essay – draft due Monday, 4/26 by class meeting

Final Videographic Essay – draft due Monday, 5/10 by class meeting

Final Self-Evaluation Essay & Portfolio of Revised Videos – due Friday, 5/28

All work produced in class will be shared within class, and may be published online more broadly. Each video assignment should be uploaded to the relevant folder in the class Google Drive.

Revisions of exercises and projects will typically be due one week after receiving feedback. All final revisions must be submitted by Friday, 5/28, at noon.

Students will work together to provide more detailed feedback on their videos throughout the semester, either online or in person as they prefer.