FMMC0334 Spring 2021, MW 2:00-3:15pm, Axinn 105

Month: February 2021

Week 2 Schedule

March 1 – Introduction in-class – meet via Zoom, but at 3pm we will come to Axinn doors (on Admissions side of building) to get important equipment

In-class on Monday, we watched the following videos:

March 3Assignment #1 Workshop on Zoom.

  • Make sure you have chosen media for the exercises on your hard drive ready to go!

Week 1 Schedule

February 24, 2pm: we will meet remotely at this Zoom link.

When you get a chance (after reading over the syllabus), please fill out this student questionnaire. Also, please join the class Slack workspace.

Note that the first set of assignments involves working with a film or television episode that will need to be ripped into a digital file – it’s important that students request this media as soon as possible via this form. In thinking about what text to choose, think about a film / TV program that you find interesting that you want to spend many hours exploring videographically. If you’re not sure, you can request more than one to consider.

If you have not done so already, please install Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer following these instructions (it’s free with your Midd ID!) – please do this by Monday’s class:

Video Commentaries Instructions

Each week, students should find a video essay published somewhere online and write a commentary on it. Commentaries should be posted before class on Wednesday morning (except for our first week, when it should be posted by Monday morning). The commentary should strive to answer two basic questions: what did I learn from this video about the subject matter? and what did I learn from this video about the videographic form? Commentaries should be at least 250 words, but should be as long as necessary to explore the ideas.

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