This course uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 as its base platform for video editing. Students do not need to have previous experience with Premiere or video editing, but those unfamiliar with the system will be expected to do extra work to learn the platform. The best way to learn Premiere on your own is using LinkedIn Learning video tutorials, which are accessible via your Middlebury ID. Additionally, more advanced concepts can be discovered via searching the web, where you can find countless Premiere tutorials, guides, and discussion forums. Finally, both Ethan Murphy and Dasha Pimenov are available for consultations and tutorials as you work on your projects.

Students are required to have an external hard drive to store their video projects – recommended models are available on the Film & Media production website if you wish to purchase one, and the department will lend all students a drive for the semester. We will use the class Google Drive for sharing and submitting materials.

Students will have access to the iMacs in Axinn 105. Due to COVID, access is restricted to members of this course, with each student being assigned a single workstation to use throughout the semester, with equipped drives for ripping Blu-rays and DVDs. Students will be checked out a mouse and keyboard that they will need to bring to the lab in order to use their workstation. This lab will be available when Axinn is open:

  • Monday–Friday 7:45 am –11:00 pm
  • Saturday 8:00 am –8:00 pm
  • Sunday 10:00 am –11:00 pm

Specific Tutorials:

Ripping Blu-rays or DVDs with Handbrake

Capturing streaming media with OBS