Draft due Monday May 10 by class

Produce a video essay of at least 5 minutes length that conveys original ideas about some aspect of film and media. The video should display sophisticated understanding of the possibilities of videographic form, using sound and images to both convey ideas and create a compelling aesthetic experience. All sources should be cited, and credits should convey the work of all who contributed to the project (knowingly or unknowingly). Please indicate a copyright status for the video.

All videos should be accompanied by a written statement discussing the goals of the project, the process of creating the video, and a self-assessment of both the product and process posted on your portfolio page. Videos can be revised until May 28.

In developing this project, students will create a proposal for the project in the form of an “abstract trailer” due in class on Monday April 19:

Videographic Abstract Trailer. Produce a short (no more than 2 minute) abstract trailer of your final videographic project. This videographic abstract trailer should convey the topic, approach, and tone of your final project (per an article abstract), and relate to the form of the film trailer in some way. One key goal of this video is to make us want to see your final project. It will also function as a kind of “proposal” that will help you develop your final project. Think about parameters.

Some questions to consider:

  • What is this video about?
  • What is it trying to communicate? (Think arguments, ideas, perspectives, etc.)
  • What sources will it use?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is its rhetorical tone (and why)?
  • What videographic elements will it use or not use?
  • What parameters will it follow?