Videographic PechaKucha and Supercut, due by class on Monday March 8


ASSIGNMENT: Choose one element present in your film/episode, and create a video compilation gathering all of the moments of that element. Assemble these moments together using straight cuts of linked sound/image tracks. All sounds and images should come from your film.

Please name your exported file “LASTNAME Supercut.mp4” and upload it to the proper subfolder in the Google Drive.


“Eva” from Ex Machina by Abbie Rosenbaum

“Follow the Money” from No Country For Old Men by Jack Ralph (note that the parameters were different, so Jack used non-linked audio)


ASSIGNMENT: Create a video of exactly 60 seconds consisting of precisely 10 video clips from a single film, each lasting precisely 6 seconds, assembled with straight cuts. Audio should be one continuous sequence from the same film with no edits. Include a 3 second black slug at the beginning and end of the assignment.

Please name your exported file “LASTNAME PechaKucha.mp4” and upload it to the proper subfolder in the Google Drive.

Technical Skills:

  • Introduction to Premiere Pro CC 2020
    • Resources
    • Creating a New Project & Media Management
      • Project Organization
        • For this class: create a new sequence for each assignment
        • Premiere Pro Files
          • Project File
          • Media
          • Cache Files
        • Importing
          • Working with existing media in place
          • Import using Media Browser – option to Ingest / Transcode to Apple ProRes422LT for better performance
  • Creating and Initializing New Sequences
    • New Sequence from clip
  • Navigating Timelines
    • JKL and Space Bar
    • Scrubbing the timeline
    • Home, End, left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, down arrow
  • Introduction to the User Interface
    • Project Pane
    • Source Monitor
    • Timeline
    • Program Monitor
    • Tools/Audio
  • Working with Subclips
    • Select an In point, Select an Out point, Clip->Make Subclip
    • Tip: Use the numpad to get exactly 60 seconds – Numpad +600 -1
    • Drag Audio Only
    • Drag Video Only
  • Creating Bins
    • Assignments
    • Audio
    • Video Subclips
    • Sequences
  • Assembly Edit
    • Linked Selection – Audio/Video
    • Snap
    • Deactivate Tracks
    • Closing Gaps
    • Working with Slugs
    • Tip: Use the Slip Tool to fine tune your 60 second selection
  • Exporting
    • h.264 format; presets: Match Settings – High Bitrate as standard
    • In to Out, Workspace, Entire Sequence
  • Delivery