Assignment due by class on Wednesday, April 14.

Formulate a question regarding your chosen film / TV show. Search online for an answer to your question. Document the search process using a desktop capture video software (such as OBS or QuickTime Player) – this process can be “authentic” or staged / performed (or some combination of both). Your video must include some footage from your source material. The final video should not be longer than 3 minutes.

  • Recording via QuickTime or OBS
    • Setting-up Soundflower for audio – both within Quicktime/OBS options and System Preferences Output
  • Another option: record a phone screen (example below)
    • Record phone in Zoom by screen sharing / record
  • Importing screen video into Premiere
    • Using Frame Hold to pause desktop action
    • Insert / Overwrite

Also of use: Kevin B. Lee’s introductory to desktop documentary presentation:

To watch together in class: