The world of videographic criticism is booming, with many sites and communities thriving in online. Here are some resources you should explore to learn more about the topic and find videos to watch:

  • The Video Essay Podcast – started by Will DiGravio ’19 (who first encountered the topic in this very class!), the podcast and associated newsletter and website has become a prominent nexus for the videographic community. Will features student-made videos in his newsletter, so your work might be spotlighted at some point in the future!
  • [in]Transition – an academic journal (co-founded by Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell), this site is one of the most important venues for scholarly videographic work.
  • Video Essay subreddit – a vibrant forum to share and discuss video essays.
  • Audiovisualcy – a Vimeo group collecting more than 2,000 videographic works.
  • Ian Garwood’s list of videographic sources – an excellent film scholar & video-producer curated this list of sites that publish and feature video essays.
  • The Essay Library – a Discord server of video essay makers discussing the form and sharing work.
  • The Videographic Essay – an online book co-authored by Keathley, Mittell, and Catherine Grant about videographic criticism, including lots of conversations around how to teach and learn the form.