Professor Akaha (GSIPM) and Professor Vassilieva (GSTILE) will begiving presentations at a seminar on “Russia’s Evolving Relations with East Asia,” hosted by the Graduate Institute for Asian Regional Integration, Waseda University, on October 14. More  information.

On a recent trip to Middlebury for M-squared discussions, Prof. Tsuneo Akaha gave a lecture on “Human Security and Regional Cooperation in East Asia.” You can view the lecture in Middlebury’s video archive.

Robert McCleery was a featured speaker at the Second Conference on Integrated Social Policies in Egypt, July 4-5, 2009 in Cairo. The conference was organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, and was attended by that Minister (H.E. Aly Moselhy), the Minister of Housing, National Democratic Party rising star Gamal Mobarak, representatives of other […]

Ernie Scalberg, Jeff Woods and Carol Johnson represented MIIS at a recent conference on Globalization at UC Berkeley, sponsored by LISA (the Localization Industry Standards Association).  Scalberg’s session, “The Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Global Business Strategy Development and Multilingual Online Marketing Communication” was the second highest rated plenary session. MIIS was the “rock star” […]

Professor Jeff Langholz did several summer projects that combined business with policy in the form of sustainable enterprise development. In June, he traveled to London to advise the CEO of sports apparel giant PUMA Inc. on a major “green business” initiative to be launched in October.  June also saw him writing an analytical report for […]

Sharad Joshi, PhD, Research Associate with the Monterey Terrorism Research and Education Program (MonTREP) and Visiting Professor, Graduate School of International Policy & Management, attended the 13th annual three-week Summer Workshop on the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategies (SWAMOS), held at Cornell University in July. The program is for junior scholars in the field […]

Professor Tsuneo Akaha’s “From Soft Power to Hard Power: Japan’s Evolving Security Policy” has been published in the Japanese book Japanese Foreign Policy In The Eyes of Japanese Researchers Abroad (Tokyo: Fujiwara Shoten). He gave a talk on “Human Security in East Asia” at the Summer Institute, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University, August […]

Zhang Lijuan, a new Adjunct Faculty Member in GSIPM, recently published an article comparing U.S. and Chinese foreign policies with respect to Africa.

From Singapore comes this report of Prof. J.D. Yuan’s recent publications and interviews: *  July 8, TV interview from Channel News Asia, on the Xinjiang riots. *  July 29, Washington Observer interview on the first round of US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue *  July 31, “China and the US: G-2 by Another Name?” Asia Times, […]

This week, Prof. Tsuneo Akaha will be a panelist in a forum on peace. The Jeju Peace Institute, headed by Amb. HAN Tae Kyu, is pleased to announce live webcasts of the 5th Jeju Peace Forum to be held at Havich Hotel & Resort, August 11th, Tuesday – 13th, Thursday, 2009. United Nations Secretary-General Ban […]

On Thursday, April 16, Tsuneo Akaha will be the featured speaker at the 2009 General Members Meeting of the Japan Society of Northern California.  His topic is “Japan’s Security Policy in the Obama Era: Balancing Soft and Hard Power.”

When: Saturday, April 25, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (reception following) Where: Irvine Auditorium Guest speakers including Dr. Dick Rice, chief economist of Conservation International; Chris LaFranchi, founder of Natural Equity; Stephan Schwartzman, the Director of the Tropical Forest Policy Program at Environmental Defense Fund; and Keegan Eisenstadt, CEO of ClearSky Climate Solutions LLC will […]

Dean-designate Yuwei Shi announced today that Dr. Bruce Paton will be the Chair of the Fisher Program in International Business (Fisher International MBA). The decision has been made after deliberation and consultation with President Sunder Ramaswamy, Provost Amy Sands, the Fisher Faculty and Staff, and the incoming Program Chairs of the Graduate School of International […]

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