MonTREP researchers and GSIPM faculty members Jeffrey M. Bale, Sharad Joshi, and Gordon Hahn all gave talks at a panel on “Leaderless Jihad? Terrorist Attacks in the New Millenium and Lessons for the Future,” a panel which Professor Bale organized. The panel took place at 10 am on October 17 at the 2009 ISSS-ISAC Conference, […]

From Singapore comes this report of Prof. J.D. Yuan’s recent publications and interviews: *  July 8, TV interview from Channel News Asia, on the Xinjiang riots. *  July 29, Washington Observer interview on the first round of US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue *  July 31, “China and the US: G-2 by Another Name?” Asia Times, […]

Thirty graduate students and professionals took part in an intensive one-week course entitled “International Safeguards Policy and Information Analysis” that was conducted at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on May 18-22, 2009. The course, for individuals interested in pursuing careers in nonproliferation and nuclear safeguards, was designed and implemented by the James Martin Center […]

— U.S., Russian High School Students Present Research On Nuclear Disarmament More than 70 students and teachers from 10 U.S. high schools and 10 schools in Russia’s closed nuclear cities gathered to present their research on “Nuclear Disarmament: Challenges, Opportunities, and Next Steps” at the spring 2009 Critical Issues Forum (CIF) conference April 23-24 in […]

JMCNS Senior Fellow Dr. Jonathan Tucker has the lead story in the March 2009 issue of Arms Control Today.  The article focuses on “The Smallpox Destruction Debates: Could a Grand Bargain Settle the Issue.”

CNS staff members Liviu Horovitz and Gaukhar Mukhatzhanova wrote a letter to the editor of the International Herald Tribune regarding the West’s negative response to Tehran’s recent launch of its first domestically developed satellite into orbit. Horovitz and Mukhatzhanova cite President Obama’s pledge to “extend a hand to hostile nations if they are willing to […]

On February 10-11, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, conducted a training seminar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, a  measure intended to strengthen national export control systems around the globe. The U.S. Department of State provided […]

CNS staff member Kenley Butler was the luncheon speaker at this week’s meeting of the Salinas Rotary Club where he briefed approximately 80 in attendance on recent global initiatives to move towards nuclear disarmament. In recent months, Kenley has spoken to several local groups, including the Carmel Foundation, the Sons in Retirement of Pebble Beach, […]

A recent article in Science features Patricia Lewis, Deputy Director of JMCNS, whose project involves analysis of materials captured by the U.S. in Iraq in 2003. Her project is one of 7 funded through DOD’s Minerva Research Initiative.

Ray Zilinskas, senior scientist at JMCNS, will be a featured speaker at the Monterey County Health Education Consortium’s January 22 seminar for health professionals entitled, “Keeping the Salad Bowl Safe: How We Prevent and Investigate Foodborne-related Illnesses.” Zilinskas will speak on “Agroterrorism, Post-harvest Food Sabotage, and Emergency Preparedness.”  See the attached pdf for additional information.

J.D. Yuan, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at JMCNS and associate professor of international policy studies, is one of three speakers at a panel entitled “Storm Clouds Ahead for the ‘All-Weather Allies’? Today’s Pakistan-China Relationship,” sponosred by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  You can watch a live webcast of the panel […]

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