Do you know someone on campus who’s making an effort to go green? Then nominate him or her for a MIIS Green Award. Nominees need not be changing the world on a huge scale–we’re looking for ordinary people who are trying to incorporate elements of sustainable living into their daily routines. That might mean biking […]

Green Milestones

February 4, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Dear Monterey Institute Community, Congratulations! Due to your outstanding efforts, both our Battery Recycling Program and Rideshare Program have produced amazing results.  Since the Battery Recycling program began in early 2008, we have recycled an estimated 310 lbs. of batteries in a responsible and environmentally friendly way! Our 50 dedicated Rideshare members have walked, biked, […]

MIIS has been a registered member of this government sponsored program since the fall of 2007. Joining the program is easy! All you have to do is drop your membership application off at the President’s Office and hand your monthly logs in at the President’s Office at the end of each month.  For every day […]

Saving Trees

September 17, 2008 | 1 Comment

One of the great things about working here is that I learn something new from my colleagues almost every day!  A couple of days ago I noticed this tagline at the bottom of Tony O’Brian’s email signature: I’ve added this line to my signature and invite all of you to join me in this gentle […]

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