Global Vision-Global Reach: Monterey/Middlebury Lecture Series presents: Richard Wolfson Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics, Middlebury College “Nuclear Power: One Environmentalist’s Perspective.” Wed, Nov. 11, 6:00 -7:30 pm McGowan 102 Pro- or anti-nuclear? To this environmentalist, nuclear power is too complex for a simple “pro” or “anti” stance. On the one hand, nuclear power is […]

Dear Monterey Institute Faculty and Staff: I am writing to keep faculty and staff informed regarding ongoing integration efforts that are bringing systems, processes, and policies at MIIS and Middlebury College into alignment with one another. As you know, the goal of the two boards of trustees and two presidents at MIIS and Middlebury with […]

The MIIS M-squared Program Committee has prepared the attached update on collaborative academic program initiatives with Middlebury.

Find slides from today’s Running-One-MIIS presentation here.

The Running One MIIS sessions, held every other Tuesday from 12-1:30, have become increasingly well attended, and have generated some great discussions!  Here are the slides from the last two presentations:  HR and Communications.  Next Up, on June 16th, Admissions.

On May 5, Beth McDermott gave the first presentation in the “Running One MIIS” series of discussions on the impact of reorganization and integration. If you missed it, you can download her presentation. Additional presentation will take place every other Tuesday at noon in the Board Room.  Please check here for a complete list of […]

Following up on discussions at the community-wide retreats at the end of February, President Ramaswamy, Provost Sands, and the deans-designate who will assume office in June announced a series of task forces to ensure smooth implementation of a new, streamlined administrative model for the Institute. The One MIIS Working Group is assigned the task of […]

I am pleased to announce that Bob Huth, a frequent visitor from Middlebury and valued partner in our preparations for financial integration, has agreed to take on a significant role in the MIIS community over the next 16 months. Bob, who is currently Executive Vice President at Middlebury, will take on the principal responsibility for […]

As the Institute moves closer to the June 30, 2010 date for legal integration with Middlebury, President Ramaswamy is taking steps to formalize some of the structures that we have in place for keeping the M-squared integration planning process on track.  Beginning this week, Amy McGill will chair a bi-weekly Finance, Operations and Communications group, […]

If you didn’t get to say goodbye to Cathy Vincent when she returned to Middlebury in November, don’t worry – now you can say hello!  Cathy will be returning to Monterey, beginning Monday, January 26. Cathy will continue to co-manage the HR department with Michael Ulibarri, but we have reconfigured their job responsibilities so that […]

If you have children who are interested in a summer immersion language programs — or you have friends who do — check out the Middlebury Monterey Language Academy. In its second year offering French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, MMLA programs help middle and high school students leap ahead of their peers in language proficiency.

Here is some good news, just in time for the holidays: In October, Middlebury president Ron Liebowitz submitted a substantive change request to AACSB.  This request described the planned academic reorganization at MIIS in the context of integration with Middlebury.  This week, we received notification from AACSB that that our re-accreditation process can continue as […]

Just as we have done at the Monterey Institute, Middlebury College has communicated to members of its community the economic context in which it is operating in these challenging times.  The remarks and powerpoint presentations delivered by President Ron Liebowitz and CFO Patrick Norton are available on the Middlebury web site.

Website Changes

November 10, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Our website is the main source of information on our programs for prospective students. Recruitment for these new students starts earlier and earlier each year.  Considering that our new students in Fall 2009 will be attending MIIS under a new administrative structure, it is important that our website best represent both our current programs and […]

Monterey Institute faculty, staff, and students are all invited to join President Designate Sunder Ramaswamy for an initial discussion about the MIIS reorganization planning process on Thursday, November 13, 2008. The agenda of the meeting will be to share guiding principles, expected outcomes, and indicative timeline with the MIIS community, including how the community will […]

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