I am pleased to announce that Bob Huth, a frequent visitor from Middlebury and valued partner in our preparations for financial integration, has agreed to take on a significant role in the MIIS community over the next 16 months. Bob, who is currently Executive Vice President at Middlebury, will take on the principal responsibility for […]

Renovations have been completed on the Monterey Institute apartment building located at the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets.  This project, headed by Controller Steve Marino, has resulted in a completely remodeled building that will provide market-rate housing for Institute faculty and staff and a guesthouse unit for VIPs and other Institute visitors.  The […]

Just as we have done at the Monterey Institute, Middlebury College has communicated to members of its community the economic context in which it is operating in these challenging times.  The remarks and powerpoint presentations delivered by President Ron Liebowitz and CFO Patrick Norton are available on the Middlebury web site.

A new Classroom Services/Grounds organization has been established, with responsibility for the appearance of the classrooms and common areas, event set-up, and campus landscaping.  Marty Goss, who has been the Security Account Manager on campus for the past 18 months, has been selected as the Classroom Services/Grounds Supervisor. Marty is knowledgeable about Institute facilities and […]

The recent volatility in the stock market, and the liquidity crisis that is swirling around some large financial institutions may have some of you concerned about your retirement investments.  This is particularly so as one of our retirement choices, VALIC, is a subsidiary of AIG Insurance Company, around which there is a lot of discussion. […]

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