Last Friday, some of the staff gathered at the TLC for a Friday sandbox session on personalizing the web.  This was a rich conversation about using tools such as nevibes or igoogle to organize your information streams.  There is just too much information out there on the web – using tools to organize it and put it in one place will save us time.  For more information about how sites like these work or for a simple explanation of RSS Feeds, check out this video.

To help start the process, Kristen Byers put together a public netvibes page filled with the RSS feeds/widgets related to MIIS.  If you sign up for a free netvibes account, you can simple click on share button on the MIIS widgets and directly add them to your netvibes page – no mess, no stress.  Creating your own page will allow you to keep up to date on the happenings at MIIS as well as your favorite non-MIIS sites.  One place for all your web needs.  You can even add goldfish or cartoons!  The other nice thing is that you can log into this site from any computer.

A snapshot of Lynn's Netvibes page

A snapshot of Lynn's Netvibes page

Stay tuned for more Friday Sandbox sessions to keep playing and experimenting with technology & innovation.  The DMC is also offering a number of interactive workshops for learning digital media and communication tools.  As always, feel free to stop by Kade anytime for development conversations and exploration of possibilities.


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  1. Carolyn on October 27, 2009 5:06 pm

    I just set Kristen’s public netvibes page as my default homepage for Firefox and Explorer. How do we combine netvibes with Moodle…?

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