For the last few months, we have focused our discussion about the reorganization of the Institute on the creation of two new graduate schools and a new dean of advising.  However, several other changes are occurring to facilitate a better flow of communications and services to our faculty, staff, students, and the external community.  In […]

Next week, Kristen Byers and Rob Horgan will be attending a two-day intensive workshop on social media and non-profits sponsored by the Non-profit Technology Network in San Francisco. TLC and Recruiting have generously provided the funding for this. The conference requires that two people from an organization attend: one broader marketing staff member and one […]

New spring students are arriving on campus in time for orientation, which runs from January 27-30. We are expecting 65-70 new enrollees across the four schools. Please take a few extra minutes to welcome them and offer assistance to students looking a bit lost.

Website Changes

November 10, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Our website is the main source of information on our programs for prospective students. Recruitment for these new students starts earlier and earlier each year.  Considering that our new students in Fall 2009 will be attending MIIS under a new administrative structure, it is important that our website best represent both our current programs and […]

Please join us in welcoming Kristen Byers to the MIIS staff. Kristen will be working with TLC/DMC as a new media development specialist.  Her job is to help MIIS faculty, staff and students tell their stories using digital media. In keeping with the philosophy of TLC/DMC, her role is to work with members of the […]

Revised MIIS website

September 16, 2008 | 3 Comments

The Monterey Institute has a bit of a new look.  Anne Marie Steiger and Lynn McDonald have been working over the summer on making our website easier to navigate and a better experience for our prospective students.  This should be visually more pleasing but there have also been some changes made to help our web […]

Traveling for work this semester?  Interested in spending an evening with fascinating people?  If so, please contact Leah Gowron, Director of Alumni Relations, or Jill Stoffers, Director of Admissions, regarding your travel schedule!  You can make a tremendous contribution to our recruiting and alumni affairs efforts with a very small invstment of your time. The […]

At last count (day 3), our fall FTE of 791 surpassed the most recent record (728), reflecting a large entering class and excellent retention of continuing students. Congratulations to our enrollment managers and admissions staff, and all those students, faculty, staff and alumni who helped to tell our story to the world.

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