As the Institute moves closer to the June 30, 2010 date for legal integration with Middlebury, President Ramaswamy is taking steps to formalize some of the structures that we have in place for keeping the M-squared integration planning process on track.  Beginning this week, Amy McGill will chair a bi-weekly Finance, Operations and Communications group, mirroring a similar group at Middlebury.  While meetings between counterparts on both campuses (such as those in HR, IT, IA, Finance and Communications) will continue as needed to collaborate on specific projects, we hope that regular FOC meetings here will enable us to better coordinate the many facets of our evolving relationship with Middlebury.

FOC members at Monterey are:  Amy McGill (Planning, Technology and HR), Jim Graber (Finance), Steve Marino (Finance), Beth McDermott (Advancement), Jason Warburg (Communications), Jill Stoffers (Enrollment), Cathy Vincent (Human Resources).

Members of the community who have questions or concerns relating to integration are welcome to bring those issues to any member of the FOC group, and we’ll report back regularly with news of our progress.


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