March Madness

I think that a March Madness college basketball bracket tournament hosted by the middlebury website and open to the college community, maybe with prizes for the winners, would be a great way to bring the college together. lots of public sites like or already do this but a college oriented one would i think be a lot of fun.

From Nolan

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  1. Carrie Macfarlane says:

    Hi Nolan. While this would indeed provide a great opportunity for Middlebury’s basketball fans to connect with one another, given the fact that there are many public sites out there that serve essentially the same purpose, the College and LIS have recently lost many staff members due to early retirements and other departures, and we are still devoting a lot of energy to projects like the new College website, we must regretfully decline your suggestion. However, we love to hear these ideas, so please keep them coming!

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